Monday, November 26, 2007

The Pammett 2007 Cut-Your-Own-Christmas-Tree Outing

A joyous family outing for the Pammett family — our annual pre-Christmas tradition!

click here to see the Full Size of this imageThis year we got smart... we decided to do our annual outing to track down the live tree that's perfect for us... sooner, rather than later — because other years we've wrestled with minimal choices because we left it too close to Christmas when there's not as good a selection of live trees left.

With JgP living at Northeastern this year, the only way we could do that was right after Thanksgiving. So last Sunday the four of us got to spend a most joyful late New England Fall afternoon: heading off thru the woods, saw in hand... searching down the perfect Christmas tree to have in our family room this year. And not only did we find a great new tree place (1 Kemp St, Dunstable), but we also discovered a new kind of tree — a Concolor Fir or White Fir — which is "half way" between a long-needled White Pine and the more-traditional Spruce trees with shorter needles but where all the branches bunch up together so that there's no room for decorations. Narrowed down from five or six choices, we unanimously selected the one shown here. You can see more of the tree itself in our "O Christmas Tree" celebration on YouTube.

With help from Photoshop, I was able to fabricate the picture that you see here with the four of us; can you tell which of the two faces are from other snapshots? See this Flickr set for the rest of the pictures.


Leta said...

Wonderful tradition! Glad all of you were together enjoying this Pammett tradition. Nice to know you found a new type of tree. Hope it works out well. I love the way the Pammett's honor traditions together.

Nanci Phelan said...

Hard to believe another Christmas is fast approaching. How wonderful that yo'all keep up the tradition of gleaning your tree together. It takes me back to our time in Tweed when Arthur would take the kids off into the woods on the toboggan and they'd all come home exhausted and Joe would be covered in ice balls. I usually managed to get out of that one as I had a million home Christmas projects to finish. Great video of the tree and the Christmas Tree song. Well done. Nanci

Sharisse said...

i guess jean and you are fabricated. i can see jean but i am just guessing with you.

btw. when i try to leave an anonymous comment, it states this: "This blog does not allow anonymous comments."

you may want to check into that.

Sharisse said...

oh wait! i change my vote. it is you and lynn that you fabricated. i can see her jacket twice on either side of jean and i think i see the same with you next to jill. am i right?

John Duffy said...


This is also a Duffy family tradition. We will be cutting down our tree this weekend. I will also have my camera with me as well. Happy Holidays