Thursday, August 9, 2007

my sister's Lake Huron Trip Summer 2007

This is a test to see how / if I can embed a link to a WebShots slide show... in this case, my sister's Lake Huron Trip Summer 2007. The pictures tell the story that goes with this: "This is an end of Arthur's two weeks of holidays.The first week we had a 4 day trip to the shores of Lake Huron. We started out in Grand Bend and proceeded up the coast checking out all the beaches. We went from Grand Bend to Kincardine, then Bayfield, then Port Elgin, then Southamptom and ended up in Sauble Beach. Each area had something unique to offer. Ended up in Sauble Beach. It IS an incredible beach!!! Just like Sand Banks but it goes on forever. We came back via Owen Sound. "