Thursday, December 10, 2015

The Extended Groton Community Sings — GCCC 2015

I was late putting out the sandwich boards for this year's Groton Community Christmas Chorus, but as you see here in my selfie when I did put the first one out, that I'm looking pretty pleased with myself. I guess that's because I love having the opportunity to bring this gift to our community every year.

Click on the image to the right to see the full-sized version of this year's GCCC 2015 board — right in front of the Union Congregational Church on Main St in Groton, Ma, where all 3 concerts are performed each year, starting in 1974 by Edie Tompkins. That makes this year the 41st Annual GCCC. Wow! What a legacy!

Either the picture above or the GCCC flyer on the left give the details of when the 3 concerts are sung. For fire safety reasons the Church is only allowed to hold a certain number of people at one time so we sing three concerts in mid December to make sure we can accomodate all who want to come and start of their Christmas season with this concert. See the flyer on the left for details.

See you there !

Maybe after we sing the concert I'll use this space to attach some snapshots or video clips.

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