Friday, April 8, 2011

Springtime at the Great Blue Heron Rookery

Back in November 7th, 2007 I started this 4-season project to make panoramas of the Great Blue Heron Rookery in Acton, MA, making a different one for each of the New England seasons. So my first one was “Great Blue Heron Rookery along Rte 2” (New England Fall), followed a few months later by “Our Great Blue Heron Rookery” (New England Winter). Since I didn't have one for Spring… I went out, today, and took the series of pictures that you see stitched into the panorama, below. To see it better, click on the image and when you get the full sized version of this New England Spring panorama use your browser's "Zoom In" or "Magnify" mechanism (sometimes, Ctrl + the '+' key on your keypad) to get to where you can see the full height of the panorama taking up all of your screen. Then use the browser's horizontal scroll bar to really experience viewing the panorama.

The panorama that I actually created the day I started this blog article is here, because it really clouded over the day I took those pictures and the next day when it was so much nicer out, I did the reTake. The other thing that's unique about this panorama is that it was taken from the complete opposite side of the wetlands from most of the other panoramas. In this case we're near the protected wetlands on the South side of the water that you can see from rte 2.