Monday, May 25, 2009

Canoeing in “The Blackstone River Challenge ”

This was my first year to take part in “The 32nd Annual Blackstone River Challenge”, on May 16th, 2009, and what a great time we had. My entire men's team division decided to take it on, this year, so I got to be part of the Big Rocks contingent as you can see in the snapshot to the right where my bud and I are paddling our leg of the 12.8 mile canoe race. We had a blast…

Some 76 kayaks and canoes officially registered for the race, which goes from South Grafton to Uxbridge, MA., and is held every year as a fundraiser to help maintain The Blackstone River. Some of the people I talked to at the start of the race have been doing this every year "for several decades", so it was obvious that this is an important community event. Check out the pictures via the embedded Flickr slideshow (on the left), or browse directly to my “Blackstone River Challenge, May 2009” photo album on Flickr.

What a great way to get out and celebrate the New England Spring / beginning of Summer. The weather was perfect and the people all welcoming and friendly. I'm already looking forward to getting out for The Blackstone River Challenge in the Spring of 2010.