Wednesday, September 17, 2008

What I Wanna Be When I Grow Up

Recently I blogged about this fabulous wedding I went to… but one of the things I neglected to mention was that the professional photographer for the wedding was a good friend of mine, Jon Fischer of Jon Fischer Photography. Since Fischer and I collaborate together as professionals, I've heard about him doing wedding gigs for quite a while. But I had never had the opportunity to see him in action — doing his job as a professional photographer — until this wedding. And afterwards, in order to highlight that, I created this subset of my Flickr pictures of him doing just that. To see them via the Flickr SlideShow below just click on the "Play" Icon (or anywhere on the picture below).

Watching my friend and colleague in action reminded me of my own passion for creatively working with digital media, especially with precious memories of special events such as this wedding. And seeing how skillfully Fischer simply got on with his job, taking pictures in such a way that people hardly even knew he was there, reminded me that it really is possible to be part of events like this — unobtrusively — without altering events as they unfold. Yet you can still be right in the middle of everything, capturing it all from the vantage point afforded only to a professional photographer.

And though what I do as part of (my company) is distinctly different, I do it with the same dedicated passion as Fischer as I go about creating unique, long-lasting memories using a variety of digital multimedia techniques.
Jon Fischer — Photographer at Work
Some day, someone will document me working my craft, as I follow my passion to turn into a name that people know they can rely on to deliver innovative digital products and services to people worldwide.

Monday, September 8, 2008

A Wedding to remember: Munafo+Hendrie 09-07-08

click here to see the full sized version of the happy couple on their first dance as a married coupleWow ! Yesterday my sweetie and I had the honor and privilege of attending one of the most memorable and meaningful weddings — other than our own, of course — in recent history. Shown on the right… the newly weds just before the first dance.

The ceremony & reception were under a huge white tent — on the lawn in front of Annie's house, right on the ocean — shown as a panorama animation, below.
Especially if you look at that Under the White Tent panorama in full size, you see what an impressive collection of people were there from the Munafo - Hendrie extended family. Equally awesome was the wedding ceremony itself (or this, or YouTube), meticulously created by the wedding couple, featuring a unique "circle" layout, and made available to others so they could use it as a blueprint for their own services. Possibly because Lynn and I did something similiar for our own wedding… I loved the way they included so many people who were special to them in the service, in this case representing the 8 Human Archetypes — a superset of the ones we talk about in Legacy Discovery. What a joy it was witnessing all of them fully participate in the ritual !!

Personally, what was very special to me was being at this event with my beloved — after all, it was a wedding — along with so many of my men, many of whom you see in this Flickr album (or SlideShow). In addition, there was ample time to take the dozens of snapshots (not in Flickr album) that went into creating the sequence of panoramas starting here, from which I have chosen one and two Ocean Views plus The Big White Tent to highlight on my site. See also these fabulous Munafo - Hendrie wedding pictures where Munafo took the time to caption and organize them appropriately.

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Check It Out — an embedded Flickr SlideShow !!

Given that you have a perfectly normal Flickr album, such as "Jillian Gaye turns 21", you can use Flickr's high-level interface to "customize" the slide show, and then it's another one of those cut & paste operations — you simply embed the Flickr SlideShow into any html, such as this blog posting!!!

Once you "start" the applet (by clicking anywhere on the picture viewer), you have all the usual slide show controls — including the "Full Screen" icon on the far right-hand side. Conveniently, these controls appear only when you move the mouse into the bottom part of the SlideShow screen. And all this is all done with Flash! Does it work for you without having to download anything special?