Thursday, November 15, 2007

Nanci's "Hooked On Glass" Passion

My sister, Nanci Phelan, already talks about her stained glass passion in her blog, but I just discovered her Business Card and thought it was so neet that I wanted to include it, here.

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I have a number of Nanci's stained glass creations hanging all over my house, and know that she's made similar masterpieces for dozens and dozens of people — have a look at some in Nanci's portfolio. Notice the quality and creativity of Nanci's art. Her techniques have been honed for decades; the creative part in design and colour choice speaks for itself; the finished products just continue to get better and better. Nanci has also done commissioned works for people to give to their loved ones, and without exception they are cherished as the Gifts of Love that they obviously are. And though the logistics of it might be a barrier — because Nanci lives in Canada — if you are interested in such a project, give Nanci a call.

Yes, this article is a shameless plug for my sister who would rather make her living by teaching bridge and making stained glass creations... than go back to work "in an office". Can you blame her?

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