Saturday, May 7, 2011

A Dream Come True — Jillian graduates from Northeastern University

Yesterday my sweetie and I were the VERY proud parents at Jillian Gaye's graduation from Northeastern University — held at one of Boston's most famous venues, “Boston Garden”. It was an amazing event that we thoroughly enjoyed, even though, as Lynnie quipped on the way in: “This will be the most expensive event we will ever attend, here!!”. But overall it was worth every penny. Check out the panoramas I made to see HOW HUGE this event really was (similar to

One of the highlights, from the celebration dinner afterwards, was Alex's reading “An Old Married Tripplet” —

Below is a panorama, made from 7 snapshots, taken from where we sat (in the nose bleed seats) in “Boston Garden” for Jillian Gaye's Graduation from Northeastern University on May 6th, 2011.On the right I've posted a rare picture of all four of us Pammetts, taken right after the NEU Graduation. A marvelous Spring day — the Boston Common and Public Gardens were overflowing with beautiful blossoming flowers; couldn't have picked a better day !

What rings true for me, now, is a paraphrase from Aoun (NEU President)'s keynote: This is not an ending, for all of you; it's just the beginning !. How exciting that is — for ALL of us!!!

ps: Check out this amazing time-lapse video clip where you get to see all 3,200 graduating seniors file into TD Garden in less than 30 seconds.