Thursday, November 1, 2007

But... It Doesn't Seem Like Halloween Yet

click here to see the Full Size of this image We've had such a glorious New England Fall this year, with warm sunny days and lots of beautiful leaves turning! But when I look at this panorama (made from 3 snapshots) of my dogs — Lucky and Lady — standing in front of Gaye's Maple tree in our backyard, on Oct 30th ... it really doesn't look like Fall's in full swing yet. And now that Halloween was yesterday and we really are "3 weeks" from Thanksgiving, I still find myself in a state of denial.

Maybe I'll make a similar panorama a few weeks from now when it does seem like Fall's really fully upon us.

click here to see the Full Size of this image On the other hand, today being Nov 1st... it's undeniable that we're at least half way thru Fall. It's still dark out when we wake up, dark again long before we get home from work, and in two more days we'll be saying GoodBye to Daylight Saving time again, albeit later than ever this year.

Today, as always on Nov 1st, we remember Millicent Redfield Alexander, my favorite mother-in-law, because today would have been her 82nd birthday. Shown here with her husband of nearly 55 years — Ian T. Alexander — my favorite father-in-law... how can I do anything other than think of them both with thanksgiving and with fond memories, because we had so many great years together! The picture is actually from their 35th wedding anniversary; that's why they both look so young !!

For Millie a little more on the wild side... click here.

Today I am aware that they are both "up there" watching over us... Ian is singing "The Lord's Prayer" and Millie's wish is pure and simple: "Grant Them The Joy !!"

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