Saturday, January 26, 2013

New England Winter At Its Best — Ice Skating On A Frozen Lake

Though it's been really cold in New England for the last 2 weeks or so, today we had a glorious time frolicking on our local lake. Actually, we went out twice. The first time we had no idea we could skate, so we just went to commune with the ice fishermen who told us all about their passion for being out there on days like today, a feeling that we totally shared. We also heard about how they eat whatever they catch (as long as the fish are big enough) unless they catch bass in which case they put them back so as not to offend the Bass Gods. Oh... OK...

And during that walk, our Aussie friends from Down Under took this panorama. This is about a 180° panorama, and is not 'perfect' (because someone allegedly moved at the wrong time). But this is an example of an "easy" panorama because it was produced automagically "with just one sweep, capturing more like video", and I think it's a pretty great example of how far technology has come.

Later on that day, once I discovered that I could dust off my old hand-me-down ice skates, my sweetie and I went back for another couple of hours — gliding across the ice with ease, and warming ourselves on a bonfire that we made alongside the shore. I have some other pictures from the afternoon and will likely post those tomorrow.

Truly, this is New England Winter at its best.