Saturday, July 19, 2014

Two Young Bucks in the Woods

I love living out in the sticks !

To the left is a young buck, taken from my fire circle in the woods early this morning in July. When I went into the woods to dump compost, there he was with his large but broken antlers... but of course he ran away immediately. So I followed his trail until I was in the team mtg site part of the woods, and I just sat still... and there he was - hiding quietly behind a tree about 30' away. So we both sat there for several minutes, inspecting one another until he decided to move beyond the next hill in the neighbors woods.

I feel privileged.

The picture below shows the fire circle, but in order to take it I had to step back from the circle and by the time I got to where I could get the view, the young deer had already disappeared behind the hill in the neighbour's woods. So I made a little inert to show where he had been.


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