Tuesday, August 12, 2014

How much have you loved?

Last evening, just when my mind was turning to the next day — to today being the anniversary of my Mom's passing in the year 2000 — I was totally blind-sighted by the shocking news of the tragic passing of Robin Williams. I have long felt a kindred spirit with him, but didn't realize until I looked it up how close we really were on life's timeline: We were almost exactly the same age except that he was born on the 21st vs my birthday being the 24th of July, 1951.  

So today, rather than lament his unfortunate choice of leaving us, I choose to focus on one of the many of his quotes that I heard on TV today. In an interview where they were talking about the choices we all make as we go through life — what ultimately matters and what doesn't — RW said that the most important way we all can assess our own lives is to look back over it and ask the simple question: “How much have you loved ?”

Such a poignant and important question! I might prefer to generalize it a bit and rather ask a question about being in touch with your passion... What are you passionate about?   Or:   When was the last time you allowed yourself to really engage in something that you are passionate about?  Take a second, now, and answer that honestly. You may be inspired by what you discover.

If you know me you'll know that generally I have no shortage of answers to such questions. Most of that revolves around my connection to people and nature, which I guess is why I chose this picture for my R.I.P. statement about Robin Williams. But really it's a calling out to all people out there who can look deep down inside and find something they want to howl about. If you prefer poetry... check out my “Howling at the Moon” article.

If you're still unsure... go out tonight and marvel at the Perseid meteor showers. Tonight just happens to be when they will be at their peak. And if you're anywhere near Boston, Mass, check out this article for details on how to see this yearly marvel from the North East USA vantage.

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Lovely article Kevin. If only he know how much he was loved and could have drawn on that to stay with us. Depression is such a terrible affliction. If it can happen to such a talented, genuine and loving man it can happen to anyone. We should have movie fests of his shows.