Friday, July 4, 2014

Citizen Pammett → Declaration of Independence on July 4th

On this lovely day in July I just happen to stumble upon this really terrific video that I've embeded below.  

Of course, we've all heard about the vote that you see in that video clip — with the representatives from each of the 13 colonies when they voted to put their stake in the ground and founded this country. So that's not news. But what struck me when I watched this morning was how brave those people must have been → standing up to what had been the largest military force in the world. Of course it didn't come easy and imagine what it would be like doing that and knowing that people would die making this American Dream — this Dream of Freedom — come true.
So what does that challenge look like today — when we're facing a world that's so unimaginably different from even just a few decades ago? Click on the video, and as you watch it... think about what you are being called to stand up for in our new global economy, social-media dominated world.

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