Monday, December 30, 2013

PhotoStamps — Creative Christmas Giving

Following the model I used for Christmas PhotoStamps in 2009, this year for many of my Christmas presents I used (in the USA, and its Canadian counterpart) to create real postage stamps — featuring pictures that I knew would be special to each of my loved ones, mostly borrowed from FaceBook. In my 2009 article I used the “3D cube navigator” for presentation, but since this time I only made four stamps, I think I'll just go with the "flat out" approach.

The stamp on the left shows both Jean and Ellis doing their favorite things - horseback riding and sailing. This was an easy one though I did have to adjust (rotate) Ellis because Photo Stamps have to be square in shape. Also easy is making stamps for grand-parents, in this case the stamp I made for my sister Nanci on the right. I won't name the grand child 'cept to say that she's the real cutie we got to know this past summer on vacation in Haliburton.
On the right is the stamp I made for my sweetie and I. It features a wooden statue that Lynnie took a fancy to in Montreal, and a shadow selfie of me in my role as Shaman at a recent New England Legacy Discovery. This year Jillian got engaged to her longtime beau, Mike Nedoroscik. So here they are about to go out zip lining in Costa Rica. The Ring is shown as an inset as is the cake writing from their celebration at The Pig.

I guess it's not something that you can do every year, not to mention that "no one" uses actual postage stamps anymore... but I still think that photo stamps is a good way to put a little creative juice to work and come up with something memorable — especially for people who already have everything you could possibly imagine.

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