Saturday, December 7, 2013

The Season of Joy 2013

There are at least three things that I'm involved with as this end-of-Fall before-Christmas season approaches, and though they're not directly related, I'm just going to talk about them all in this post.
The first is when I unwrap the sandwich boards for the Groton Community Christmas Concerts that I keep stored in my shed for most of the year. Then, round about Thanksgiving, I clean them up and rework the dates in preparation for putting them out in early December, around 10 days before the 3 concerts we put on.
The picture on the right — my first published selfie — was my stake in the ground for writing this article, and I used it during the Fall as a place to direct people to when they asked me about the timing of the 3 concerts we give each year in early December.
On the left is the traditional "flyer" that we have for the GCCC every year, citing the names of the songs that we sing in the concerts. And though I don't have many pictures of us singing during the concert itself, I did take this short video clip of our encore, "Down The Bethlehem Rd", as seen from standing on the stage.

The 2nd Fall tradition for me is that I work with my men's team to take part in an annual community service project called "Operation ELF", where ELF stands for "Everybody Loves Families". The part of ELF that I did with my team this year was to go shopping for needy kids, fulfilling what they'd put on their "Wish Lists" as best we could from the fundraising we do. Click here for a picture I painted of this outing.

As per our Unitarian Universalist tradition, near the beginning of each service someone lights the chalice and speaks about whatever aspect of their Putting Faith Into Action that they want to. So in order to promote the GCCC, I signed up to do the Chalice lighting in our UUC service on Dec 15th since that was the first day of the performances. In the full text of my Chalice Lighting I linked the GCCC and ELF together in a salute to "the Joy of Giving thru Community Service" and painted this picture of singing in the GCCC: "I stand up on the stage and see all those community faces… They show up tired and worn out from long days… But as the concert unfolds they begin to relax, and before you know it they are beaming with "The Joy of the Season".

Indeed — The Season of Joy 2013 — Let us all count the ways that we are all truly blessed.

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