Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Man In Flight — Flying With Eagles

I don't normally write articles that mostly contain someone else work, but this morning when I sat back and watched the video that you see below, I was so inspired that I wanted to help others connect with it personally, just like I did.
To see the view that you can get from a hanglider; that's already amazing. But when you bring the Eagles into it — especially when it's so obvious that these powerful birds are willing to really connect with mankind — it really inspires me to connect even more than I usually do with Nature.

By all means… when you watch this video do it in full screen with your audio turned up. Click on the "Play" icon in the center of the picture on the right, and then click the "full screen" Icon [looks like an open square] on the bottom right of the viewing pane.

Thank You God!!
Thank you for bringing us into such a magical and marvelous world where we really can "Fly With The Birds".

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