Tuesday, November 11, 2008

The Price We Pay for Freedom

click here for Full Size image of entering the Zakim from the Big Dig tunnel, going North on rte 93Alex Carter and I talked a lot about our Fathers as I drove him to Logan today after his 5-day visit with us. We learned stuff about each other that we hadn't known before even though I have known him all of his life. I had promised to drive him "the other way" into Boston so that he could see what it's like driving over the Zakim into the Big Dig tunnel, but we both got so caught up in our conversation that I took rte 128 the wrong way and it didn't seem worth going back. Regretting that, I snapped this shot of the Zakim on leaving to send to him. Then I decided to dress it up with a picture of the Zakim that we did see on the previous Saturday when he, Jillian, Mike, and I "did Boston". Among other things, we walked from the Café at NEU over the Mass Ave bridge to Cambridge, MIT, Harvard Yard and all the usual sights you show people who've never been to this great city before.

Of course, a secondary purpose for my writing today is to honor my Dad, somewhat like I did last year in my blog article Harold "Dutch" Percy Pammett — Lest We Forget, because I don't want to let a November 11th go by without remembering his sacrifice in the war… not to mention the sacrifices that he made for me and my family during his whole life.

The rest of this is TBD after I upload the pictures for our "Getting to Know Boston" trip into the city last Saturday.

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