Tuesday, November 18, 2008

"Lucky" — 15 Years of Unconditional Love

click here for Full Size image of Lucky, her eyes saying 'Please help me, end my suffering'After a few months of slowly going downhill, today my 'ol dog "Lucky" finally set her spirit free. Now she's no longer struggling just to get thru her day-to-day stuff. She dedicated her life to one and only one thing: being there for me and my family, always overflowing with unconditional love. No matter what… Lucky was always there for me. All she ever wanted was to be appreciated for who she was, and to share her love with everyone.

The very last pictures I took of Lucky (Flickr) were in front of the tree in our backyard that we planted for her predecessor, Gypsy. From that set in the picture on the right you see Lucky's sad eyes and Lady trying to snuggle up to her pal, realizing, I suspect, that Lucky was living her last moments. This page, with the music background of the song we used to memorialize Gypsy, was something I put together for her after she died. And as you can see in this picture, nature took its course and her collar became one with her tree over the years. My plan ws to add Lucky's collar to some other "Y" in the branches of that tree, and now, two years later you can see how amazingly quickly that took, here.

Right after Lucky's spirit finally set off on its own journey, Lynn and I went to pay our last respects — sitting on this spot on the banks of the Nashua river in Pepperell. We shed some tears, said our Goodbyes to our long-time family friend, felt the chill of the brisk November breeze on our backs, warmed our faces in the late Fall sunshine, and listened to Lucky's spirit speaking to us — in the wind — of her new-found freedom.

Rest in peace, my old Friend. Thank you for "15 Years of Unconditional Love".


Alex Carter said...

it was hard watching lucky struggle to get around while i was there earlier this month. she seemed to be such a peaceful and loving spirit held back by an earthly body that had aged and was no longer able to give her the independence of movement she once had. i'm glad to hear that she has found freedom but i also would like to pass on my condolences for your sense of loss. lucky was a beautiful companion and i'm glad to have met her before she passed.


Thanks for sharing your wonderful article about your much loved companion who I'd say WAS very Lucky to be part of the Pammett family all these years. It is great that you are able to memorialize her this way and share your healing sadness. Pets can really put our petty lives into perspective. How great that you are able to introduce symbols into your lives in such a meaningful way. May she rest in peace.

Joan & Bob Oravits said...

Dear Kevin, Lynn, Jillian and Jean

How sad we were to hear about the loss of your precious Lucky. We remember her and know what a special dog she was. She sure lived up to her name - she was lucky that she had such a wonderful family to love her and care for her all those years and you were lucky to have had her in your lives, and Lucky were the people that came to know her and love her also.

In remberance of Lucky we send you this:


Our hearts and thoughts are with you all as you remember Lucky and
give Thanks for the joy that she brought to so many lives here on earth.

Hugs and love to each of you - Joan and Bob and the girls