Thursday, December 27, 2007

Christmas at the Pammett's, 2007

Yes, indeed. Christmas has come and gone... and a grand time was had by all !!click here for Full Size image
This image is our Christmas 2007 Picture, even if it isn't actually from Christmas Day. Of course, this is the tree shown here in the story about us going out to cut it down, a whole month before we decorated it. We took this picture right after we'd finished decorating the tree, 2 nights before Christmas. It's the only picture we have of all of us; I photoshopped into it the person who took the main picture that you see here, so that I could give this collage as a keepsake to eJP's friend who came to spend the few days around Christmas with us. Silly me... I stepped onto the chair just to have my daughter snap an image of me — to later be photoshopped in — but it never occurred to me that it would end up looking ridiculous because that left me about 18" taller than everyone else.

Inside, around the tree and presents, we constantly had a cosy warm fire because shown below is the backyard scene from around the same time — we had about 3 feet of snow in the days leading up to Christmas this year !!
panorama made from 9 snapshots in our back yard; click here for Full Size image

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