Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Breath of Heaven — the GCCC Women

This video clip is from the Sunday evening performance of the 2007 Groton Community Christmas Chorus.

Amy Grant Lyrics

In order to use the above multi-media "controls" you have to click on them to activate them. Then use the "Play" Icon for the video and/or the "faster" vs "slower" icons to navigate the lyrics.

If you click on the YouTube player itself it will take you directly to YouTube where you can search for other video clips, including many different versions of "Breath of Heaven". The Nativity One, in particular, really captured my imagination by depicting what it must have been like for Mary to ride into Bethlehem in that world at that time. It's a really unusual — multi-media — way for the Christmas Story to be told!!

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Nanci Phelan said...

That is beautiful and especially as I've never heard the song before. No surprise with the lyrics being from Amy Grant. I love the way the words move and you can actually slow them down or speed them up. I can see why you chose to feature this song. Thanks for your efforts. Nanci