Saturday, May 5, 2012

Our Italian Dream Comes True

For months, my sweetie and I have been planning a 2-week vacation in Italy, and finally here we are. This particular place is not the first one we've found — we've already had many adventures and have found wonderful places — but those stories are yet to be written…

But today, unlike many others, we do have a fully working internet connection and we're relaxing at “Baglio Pollicarini ”, an Agritourismo in the central part of Sicily (Italy)… so I've decided to take a little time to write.

This place is so incredible that in every direction you look it's a breath-taking view. We have lots of great pictures of this ancient Monastery which has been marvelously preserved over the centuries and most recently turned into a working farm (olive trees) where they also take in vacationers in a Bed-and-Breakfast style, but I'm not going to take the time to post those pictures today. Instead, this collage is of my sweetie and I when we got up this morning to take in the sunrise at 6am as it rose right beside Mt. Etna.

Oh… I'm a very lucky man, today!

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Aus said...

Beautifully written, Kevin. It almost feels like I'm right there with you.