Sunday, November 27, 2011

This is my stake in the ground for my thoughts about losing Gaye's Tree, as we discovered it around 26/Nov/2011 12:41 when we came home from Newport RI.

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Debi Otten Banks said...

Hi Kev, I've been thinking of Gaye alot lately and actually many times thruout the years, and of you and Nancy too! In fact I just said to my husband the other day, that I would love to take the boat over to Pigeon and look for your old place - so many fun times there when we were young over the boathouse! I remember you, the very young and impressionable Kevin, who hung out with us on occasion, at the lake! We would always try to freak you out with shocking comments but you were unfreakable!
It was often, Nanc, Gaye, Simonne and me. We made a few great trips to Greenhurst on Sturgeon Lk from your cottage where we always had a blast. Our cottage is on Sturgeon and I was so sad to hear the Greenhurst Pavillion had been burned down months before we bought just down the lake.
I also remember fun times running from the sauna and into the freezing lake with the ice just barely out! Lots of wonderful Pammett memories. The picture of Gaye hit me like a brick and took my breath away, so happy to see it tho!. I would love it if you would e-mail me a few real shots of her. This one you have posted is so 100% her! I was already out west when "it" happened, I always wondered if they ever really figured out what exactly happened and why that guy did what he did. Was he crazy?? He must have been. It was all so totally unreal and to this day I can hardly get my head around it. I see it is still so very painful for you and Nanc and no doubt it totally changed your lives forever. I think it certainly killed your Dad, he really died of a broken heart - such a tough seeming man with, no doubt, a very soft underbelly.
Would love to get an e-mail from you filling me in on the past 45 years!! Simonne and I did go to see Nancy at the house she is in now I believe, sometime in our mid 20's I think. I see you mentioning Lizzard - are we talking Liz MacIntyre?? If so what is she up to now and where is she - didn't she become a doctor? Crestwood is having a reunion in 2014 I think. Are you guys going? Hope to hear from you Kevin. Hugs, Deb Otten Banks - e-mail me at