Thursday, July 24, 2008

It's great to be alive !!

… no, I didn't just survive some sort of death-defying event; I just feel like "It's great to be alive on this Sunny day in July!!" — on this my 57th birthday — even though (at least so far) it's rainy and drizzly outside my window. I just know it's going be a great Sunny day… especially when I see it that way.

click here for Full Size image of Kevin and Jillian at Niagara Falls, Ontario, on a Sunny day in July, 2008On the left is a recent picture of "Mr. K, on my birthday" (actually created via the Digital Media Magik described here), on a trip we took last weekend to my sister's place in Ontario for an extended family party. We had such a great time visiting Nanci, seeing my aunt Marion, Karina, Nanci's daughter Miranda and her husband Ralph (visiting from Australia for the first time in way too long), celebrating the recent birth of Nanci's first grandson + the proud parents, and — of course — I created this Flickr snapshot album (or SlideShow) to capture all the festivities. On the trip up and back we (traveling with Jillian and her beau) stopped in Niagara Falls and totally enjoyed the scenery — including fireworks; see my Niagara Falls Flickr album (or SlideShow) for details.

click here for the Full Size image (panorama) of St Jacobs Market, made from 20 snapshotsOne of the highlights of the trip was the couple of hours we spent at St. Jacob's market — home of the Mennonites — shown in the panorama on the right. In the market, near where I took that panorama — shown here in "360 ° rotation form", I also captured these enduring sounds of "Amazing Grace" (on YouTube) of Fernan Enriques playing his Pan Flute and woodwinds of the Andes. I also bought two of his CDs "for my birthday". And as if that wasn't enough YouTube for the day … a friend sent me this Happy Birthday (Beatles) reminiscence.

I am indeed a very happy, almost-aging baby-boomer, on this, my day — my 57th birthday, July 24th, 2008.

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Too Much To Expect said...

Hey Kevin,

Facebook reminded me that it was your birthday (and another of my fb reconnected friends from long long ago as well - small bit of trivia there - free birthday gift for you ;-) but I was too freaking overwhelmed by my current set of runnings around (back and forth from the Island to the Mainland) and searching for some actual medical intervention (long story, not for your blog on a birthday though!) to send you an appropriate greeting.

So: Happy Belated Electronic Birthday To You!

Really glad we reconnected through the wonders of the web a little while ago.

If you're up here (here == Vancouver BC area at the moment for me :-) or I'm down there anytime we really ought to get together to reminisce about the 'good ole days' in Waterloo.

Keep smiling, buddy!