Friday, July 4, 2008

Independence Day

I've been wondering what it would take to incorporate animations as part of a blog posting, so what better time to try that out than today — America's birthday — the 4th of July, 2008 !!

lhs DigitalMediaMagik Fireworks-09 The animation on the left is much taller than the others because it is designed to show the fireworks rising up and then "exploding in air". Using a Table with a ROWSPAN=2 lets me keep it on the left, separated from this text — on the right and above all the other animations, below. Nice. For real fireworks from this year check out (on YouTube) the fireworks finale that we saw tonight at Nara park in Acton, Ma.
two DigitalMediaMagik Fireworks-01 three DigitalMediaMagik Fireworks-04four DigitalMediaMagik Fireworks-07 five DigitalMediaMagik Fireworks-02 rhs DigitalMediaMagik Fireworks-06
click here to get to the home page for my new venture: Digital Media MagikFor me, this year, there is a completely different aspect to "Independence Day" — not so much because of this day per se but rather because for a few weeks now I've been working on a plan for my own independence — my new venture which I've registered as "Digital Media Magik". The company logo (on the right) is for now only a place holder; I'm sure it will completely change as my vision for this new enterprise solidifies.

The driving force for this enterprise is my resolve to follow my passion. I have long been keenly interested in how people can use web technologies to express themselves fully — to communicate their passion, and to establish their own identities in cyberspace. There are lots of companies geared up to use these technologies for corporate interests; my goal is to bring this capability to everyday people throughout the world. Using digital photography, multi-media presentations, StoryBoards, music, slide shows, video, graphics, animations, voice, and etc… my goal is to help others express themselves and bring joy to all the people who are special in their lives.


Leta said...

Here's to your passionate concept!May it grow and prosper to lead you to new and exciting places. You CAN do it!


Nanci Phelan said...

Hi Kev

What a great fireworks show you attended and since ours in Wiarton was a bust it was great to see the Acton finale!!!! Like your cheers in the background.

Nice to see the progress you are making with your Digital Magik - a great concept and I will be cheering on the sides as you make that dream come true.


Bob and Florence Cook said...
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