Sunday, February 17, 2008

Steeped In History — our UUC — FPCoG, 1662 - 2008

Today we had such an inspiring service at The First Parish Church of Groton that I went back afterwards to take the pictures you see below. The thumbnails aren't all that inspiring, but if you click thru to get the larger images you will read what is essentially the roster of the UUC church leadership during the last 350 years.
The Groton Meeting House Leadership Throughout Our History
FPCoG Leadership 1662-1826; click here for Full Size imageFPCoG Leadership 1826-1916; click here for Full Size imageFPCoG Leadership 1916-1963; click here for Full Size imageFPCoG Leadership 1963-2008; click here for Full Size image
1662 - 18261826 - 19161916 - 19631963 - 2008
The oldest one is titled "Ministers of the Town" because back then it wasn't just a church — it was where every Groton Town Meeting was held. The next one starts in 1826 — the year the Puritains split off to form their own church because the FPCoG adopted Unitarian Universalism as their creed, and thus began our current "Ministers of the Parish" roster. The sequence continues thru present day with Elea Jesse Kemler (currently on sabbatical).

The four panels shown above are inside the church, roughly in the four corners of the sanctuary. So I have always wanted to see them all in one place to make it easier to see that they really do all fit together. And it was only today when we heard history highlights of the principle players in this long saga that I finally decided to capture the rosters this way and to "move this saga into cyberspace". Google the names in these rosters and you will read fascinating stories of every ilk!!

The 2ndpart of today's service focused on the rich history available "Off The Walls" in the sanctuary. We heard the stories behind the commemorations inscribed throughout the church — from the external 1755 history, to the Dana, Moors, Dix and Young plaques. And since I was taking pictures… see also the pipe organ, chandeliers and Puritain-inspired box pews.

Dating from 1662... The First Parish Church of Groton (Flickr) is indeed Steeped In History!!

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