Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Looking Forward, Looking Back

I had an experience recently that, today, has my mind in a quandary. Should I say anything?   Should I just keep my mouth shut?    What can I possibly say? — I don't know jack!   Can I just forget about it and move on?    What gives me the right to move on when — for others — that's so much more easily said than done?

I woke up this morning thinking about the Holocaust… not so much that time period itself — that incomprehensible epoch in 20th century history, but rather the ongoing effect that it has on the lives of people still struggling with it today — even people who were not even born until after WWII ended! This is not something I had spent much time thinking about, and it's shocking for me to realize what a sheltered life I've been living.

YouTube link to Terry Kelly's 'A Pittance of Time' video clipBecause my Dad spent 5 years of his life serving in WWII, I found myself this morning drawn back to my blog… reading the article I wrote about him on the anniversary of his death, last November 11th. reListening to The Pittance of Time and this time really watching the video… I got a whole new sense of those Veterans — who appear almost in apparition — so proudly marching up and down the aisles in the supermarket. I never noticed, before, that they aren't really there (to some) in the video, and it really drove home, to me, the haunting and long-lingering memories of the holocaust — relentlessly appearing and reappearing, throughout one's life. What an intrusion into one's life!    What a violation to one's exclusive sense of self!    What a barrier to moving on

Commenting on my "Lest We Forget" blog from November 11th, my friend mgordon06 sent me a very evocative posting that also drove home to me how different all of our life experiences are… especially around these less talked-about aspects — The Secrets Of — our lives.

Thanks for opening my eyes, men!
John Lennon (YouTube) ImagineI searched for articles about WW Veterans to put here, but it was so overwhelming! Then I thought of a link to John Lennon's "Give Peace A Chance"…

… Instead, listen to John Lennon's Imagine — one of my favorite songs of all time — listed now on YouTube with 5,355,167 Views. Imagine!

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