Friday, October 19, 2007

A Journey from "Friend" to an Enduring Masculine Relationship

Today I find myself still on a high from my recent experience of sponsoring a man — my "Best Man" — as a participant in an intensive weekend of transformation that I know will change his life, as it did mine starting 2.5 years ago.

This "Best Man" had watched from a distance as I did my weekend, then my LD and many other growth experiences that I did with "my men" throughout MDI in New England since May 2005. But he'd long maintained that "this was not for him; he didn't want to have more men in his life... he wanted to find a female partner that he could make a long term commitment to".

But all that changed when Quest and the Family of Women put on a BBQ in mid September (alas, the amazing Dylan-inspired Flash story in my "$11 bill" blog entry is not longer available) to "bring together" people who would not normally get together. My "Best Man" came with his girlfriend and they got to talk to men and women who'd been part of the Sterling community for ages; finally he heard about the SMW from men other than me, and noticed that there were a lot of familiar themes to what they all said that rang true with things I'd been saying. He began to see that maybe this wasn't "just Pammett's thing".

And the rest, as they say... is history !!

Reconnecting with my man after his weekend — seen here when we stopped to drop off a bouquet of flowers — was a great joy and a significant growth experience that I will never forget. Seeing my man really get that he has the power to manifest his own life, as only a man can... was such a rewarding experience.

And all that leaves me feeling like patience and persistence has finally paid off. You can lead a horse to water, but he drinks when he's fuckin'-well ready to drink. And not before.

Thus continues our "long journey"... We've got many more milestones along the way but now I know that this will definitely be a turning point for me; my life will never be the same again.

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