Thursday, September 6, 2007

Wants an $11 bill, you only got 10 !

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Speaking of our "Quest + the Family of Women host A Co-ed Bar-b-Queue Event! " (my previous blog entry), check out today's Flash version of our invite.

The picture on the right is me riding in D'Anna's ski boat; nothing whatsoever to do with the bar-b-que event we're planning... though I have to admit, my expression does pretty much match how amazingly far I think we've come with technology. I only discovered this Applet today, and in about 10 minutes I was able to put my own words to a music video that was created in the 60s -- long before music videos were even invented. (or... maybe some of you think that Dylan actually invented MTV just by producing stuff like this... I dunno; ask Al Gore.) And in another few clicks, I transmit all this to friends (literally) in several differnet corners of the world.

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