Saturday, July 25, 2009

Austin's “Wilderness ReUnion” — 30 Years Later

On this weekend in July — which just happened to be my 58th birthday — my dear friend Austin had long planned a reunion of many of our long-time friends whom we hung out with over the years when he and an assortment of "hip people" ☺ lived at the very top of the highest hill around, in Littleton, MA. We called it “The Wilderness”, shown right here on the map. From the aerial view it looks like there are lots of roads and houses around, but once you get up there you see nothing except trees and the fabulous view shown on the right… and it feels like the rest of civilization has just vanished.

See the Flickr link below for pictures; video clip highlights include Austin's dream — getting an “old farts bike” and Mark's “Fossilized Dinosaur Bone Marrow” pendant story !!

I couldn't summarize the significance of this event better than in the words of The Man of the hour...
“ Well, it certainly goes without saying that the MAGIC of The Wilderness is very very real and we can be assured that it will always be. We had more than a wonderful afternoon together and most of us are wondering when we can do it, again. (For those of you who were unable to come, we missed you but, rest assured, we talked about you!)

Thank you to Everyone for contributing to our special day. The company was the best bar none, the food was delicious and nourishing and the time shared was much too brief. The "Save The Wilderness Fund" jar was full of almost $200.00 (!!) which I will be presenting to New England Forestry Foundation (who provide stewardship of The Prouty Community Forest) along with selected pictures from the attached collection. Thanks, You Guys!

Special thanks to Kevin, Sarah and Karen for their stealthy picture-taking and Super Kudos to Kevin for gathering all the photos and putting them together [in Flickr] for all to see (How does he do it?).

Remember Folks that The Wilderness land is part of The Prouty Community Forest and, while we may not be able to go INside the house, we CAN explore the woods, take in the fabulous westward vista [panorama] and meet up for impromptu picnics ANYTIME we want! We don' need no steenkeen' permission!

                                — Wishing you Wilderness Magic each and every day, Austin Sheatsley”

Thanks for doing all this, Aus !!   I actually liked your car in the Wilderness ReUnion picture (see the original)… but did a little Digital Media Magik to take it out, above, to honor you for your commitment to “The Wilderness” being Wilderness.

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