Sunday, April 12, 2009

What's Under that Stone ?

Click here for the full size image, taken with my cell phone, of the stones shown during the Childrens story today Analogous to the Easter story about "someone" rolling away the stone that had sealed off Jesus' burial tomb, Elea's sermon, and indeed the whole UUC service today, was about the surprises we find — how our lives can be changed — by looking under a stone.

Taken literally, as was the case for the Children's story, you see the surprises that had been written under the stones for the kids to experience. And they all had great fun doing so.

Taken not so literally… to me simply means looking for things (for "answers?") in unexpected places — a perfectly appropriate thing to be doing at this Easter juncture to shake away the Winter complacency that had hijacked my otherwise industrious spirit. As such, I'm sure I'm not the only person engaging in a little introspection today… a prodding to look under my own stones, inspired by this quote from today's order of service :

A Thought as the Service Begins
quoted from :
  — Victoria Stafford       

“ All of a sudden, without warning, …
Something promised us rebirth,
the resurrection of our hoping.
The rain rained down wet and clear,
not thick and white,
and without warning,
Winter washed away
and we were free.

Spirit of life and love,
moving in every living thing, and in us,
astonish us this morning.
Startle us.
Stun us…
Shake us from our sleeping.
For we are Winter-weary and disbelieving
and our eyes have forgotten what surprises look like,
and we are ready, we are more than ready,
to open them
and be amazed.

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