Monday, September 8, 2008

A Wedding to remember: Munafo+Hendrie 09-07-08

click here to see the full sized version of the happy couple on their first dance as a married coupleWow ! Yesterday my sweetie and I had the honor and privilege of attending one of the most memorable and meaningful weddings — other than our own, of course — in recent history. Shown on the right… the newly weds just before the first dance.

The ceremony & reception were under a huge white tent — on the lawn in front of Annie's house, right on the ocean — shown as a panorama animation, below.
Especially if you look at that Under the White Tent panorama in full size, you see what an impressive collection of people were there from the Munafo - Hendrie extended family. Equally awesome was the wedding ceremony itself (or this, or YouTube), meticulously created by the wedding couple, featuring a unique "circle" layout, and made available to others so they could use it as a blueprint for their own services. Possibly because Lynn and I did something similiar for our own wedding… I loved the way they included so many people who were special to them in the service, in this case representing the 8 Human Archetypes — a superset of the ones we talk about in Legacy Discovery. What a joy it was witnessing all of them fully participate in the ritual !!

Personally, what was very special to me was being at this event with my beloved — after all, it was a wedding — along with so many of my men, many of whom you see in this Flickr album (or SlideShow). In addition, there was ample time to take the dozens of snapshots (not in Flickr album) that went into creating the sequence of panoramas starting here, from which I have chosen one and two Ocean Views plus The Big White Tent to highlight on my site. See also these fabulous Munafo - Hendrie wedding pictures where Munafo took the time to caption and organize them appropriately.

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