Tuesday, April 1, 2008

More New Beginnings — Roger Williams University

click here to see the Full Size image of our entrance to the flag-draped RWU campusIt was with great pride and joy that my wife and I accompanied our younger daughter to Bristol, RI, for what was termed "Accepted Students Day at Roger Williams University" this past weekend. Our youngest daughter — who prefers to remain nameless in cyberspace — had already made a few trips to the campus, but it was my first time to see it plus the first time the family had gone there since she received her acceptance letter along with a huge 4-year scholarship (for academic merit) from the University. Wow !!!

No… that doesn't necessarily mean that eJP has made the final decision to go to Roger Williams University. But I suspect that RWU is going to be the one she choses once all is said and done. She has received acceptance letters from at least four colleges and universities this year — not to mention her 4-year full tuition scholarship that she got last Fall for the John and Abigail Adams (MCAS) Scholarship. We'll see…

click here to see the Full Size image of eJP's huge smile, on the Roger Williams University campus, with the Mt. Hope bridge in the backgroundIn the picture on the left you see the signature Mt. Hope bridge — visible from just about everywhere on the Roger Williams University campus (map) — it takes you from
Fall River on the Mass mainland over to Bristol, RI, which is on the Southern tip of the penninsula near the captial of RI, Providence. All a 90-minute drive from our place.

I'm tempted to change the date on this posting because, no, this is not an April Fool's Day spoof… It's just that I've been very busy getting into my new job + posting more pictures of recent trips to Roger Williams University that's been keeping me busy.

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Anonymous said...

you must be SOOOOOO proud of your girls!! and all their accomplishments and achievements! they are amazing!

looking at the photos of jean and jill at that college brought back memories of my college visits and finally finding the one that felt "right" to me, springfield. you have two amazing beautiful young women! and i miss all of you very much and wish i could be up there to celebrate and share in the joy!