Saturday, March 22, 2008

Gord Harvey Pammett, March 1917-March 2008 — Rest in Peace

This afternoon I got the news that my "uncle Gord" — the only male "Pammett" other than me still alive — passed away in Peterborough, Ontario, Canada at 1:30 this morning at the age of 91. Gord, and his wife Glenora who passed away in July 2007, were always loving and kind to me and I will always remember them both with the fondest of memories.
click here to see the Full Size image of my Dad and my uncle Gord in 1922On the right is a picture of my uncle Gord with his little brother (my Dad) when Harold was two and his big brother (Gord) was five, in 1922. They were so poor that "little Harold" was dressed in burlap sacks. I remember this picture well because it has long been in a collage on our "picture wall" in the dining room; I took that snapshot to a remember-our-fathers workshop (Legacy Discovery) that I went to a few years ago where I found myself telling the story — in the first person — of what life was like in 1922, for my Dad, based on this picture. It brought tears to my eyes to stand there in the burlap sack and look up to Gord, the big brother, whom my father always compared himself to. Gord was the academic in the family who had a professional lifestyle, along with his wife Glenora… whereas we were more the blue collar family because Dad worked hard in the factory for every nickel he brought home.
click here to see the Full Size of this image of Gord and Glenora on the beach in Portugal in 1985 Gord, on the other hand, was a veterinarian salesman for most of his career; I remember he'd come by with cases of expensive dog food when we were kids. One of the other pictures I have of uncle Gord is on the left — when he and Glenora used to vacation in Portugal in the mid 1980s. No one in the family believed me when I said I have a picture of Glenora in her bare feet.
click here to see the Full Size of this image - Kevin riding his unicycle on his 30th birthday party
One of my fondest memories of going to visit Gord and Glenora was when I was 12 and my father gave me a unicycle for Christmas. Being Ontario in the middle of the Winter, I would have been out of luck except that we went to Gord and Glenora's house and I learned to ride that unicycle in their basement because they had a new, modern, house with 'nothing' in the basement so I could circle around, holding on to the rafters.
A final picture link — Gord and Glenora Pammett when I last saw them — is from London Ontario where they lived the last half of their lives. They were both in excellent spirts and in pretty good health. Thank you, uncle Gord. May you Rest in Peace… and go, now, and be with Glenora — the love of your life for 66 years.

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